emerging e‧mer‧ging [ɪˈmɜːdʒɪŋ ǁ -ɜːr-] adjective [only before a noun]
1. in an early state of development:

• the country's emerging nuclear industry

2. emerging nations/​countries/​economies COMMERCE countries, especially those in Asia, Africa, and South America that are just starting to have influence or power in trade, finance etc:

• The EU is allowing emerging economies to have greater access to their products.

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emerging UK US /ɪˈmɜːdʒɪŋ/ adjective [before noun] (FORMAL emergent)
just beginning to exist: »

Sales personnel have become more efficient in matching buyers and sellers and rapidly identifying emerging business opportunities.


We gather and distribute information about new and emerging disease threats around the world.

ECONOMICS beginning to have economic power or success: »

emerging economies/markets


emerging country/nation

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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